Posted by: tsubaki | April 11, 2012

Yakisoba recruiting new members for Guild Wars 2

Yakisoba is recruiting new members to join our ranks in Guild Wars 2!

We are a SG/MY gaming guild that has been around since 2007. We have played various games together, from Granado Espada, Aion, Rift, Dragon Nest, etc  to even FPS games like Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 3. We have a very tight community of gamers, and we know each other like family. Most of us have met up in gatherings outside the internet. We are former hardcore gamers, but due to real life commitments, we no longer claim to be hardcore, though whatever free time we have we tend to go all out!

Guild Wars 2 is our next MMO that we will call home, and this game looks like a keeper. So we’re looking for players who are interested to be a part of our family of gamers. We only have 2 simple request from all our members, be part of our facebook group (we no longer use our forums; social networking ftw) and also use our VOIP, mumble (click link to download).

We also understand that in Guild Wars 2 players are allowed to join multiple guilds. We do not mind if our members are part of multiple guilds, but as long as you are contributing actively (ie influence points) to the guild, you will be part of the core team.

Do apply by requesting to join our Facebook group and also fill up your IGN/game edition on our rollcall here!

Tsubaki, Leader of Yakisoba

Posted by: tsubaki | April 10, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase up!

If you didn’t know, today at 3pm, the pre-purchase site for Guild Wars 2 has gone live!

You can order the Digital Edition (Standard) or Digital Deluxe online. Make sure you are seeing the prices in USD, if you don’t you can change your browser language to English (US) or you can use a US proxy. You don’t want to get the EU version by accident.

When you purchase, you will receive your CD-key and you will also be asked to register your Guild Wars 2 account. Guild Wars 1 players can join their account together to access their HoM rewards.

All members who will be playing Guild Wars 2, do post your IGN and which edition you will be getting on this document.

Posted by: tsubaki | March 21, 2012

Change of address for Yakisoba’s Mumble server

New update from Shader regarding our mumble server:

Important Notice :: Moving of mumble server permanently to LA, California.

Server address change – The new address will be
Gaming proxy – You can use this server as a gaming proxy to reduce ping to NA. Instructions will follow later.

Old server ( is on a atom270 server. New one is on a XeonC2770. Will be deprecating the old one pretty soon.

Good news for all members is that this new host will allow us to tunnel into LA side, and hopefully near where Guild Wars 2 servers might be. Think of this as a free proxy for all members =)

Posted by: tsubaki | March 20, 2012

Yakisoba’s next MMO home: Guild Wars 2

The game that we have been waiting for years is finally coming soon.

And we are very very very impressed with what Guild Wars 2 has to offer us- personal stories, dynamic events, no holy trinity, skill-based combat, WvWvW, Competitive PVP, and a whole bunch of innovation that no MMORPG can rival. We are definitely set to make Guild Wars 2 our next home, and hopefully it will hold us as long as we can. We’ve been hopping around from MMORPGs to MMORPGs simply because they just aren’t that fun, not since our golden days in Granado Espada. But I guess the hoping around is a good thing too, since we’ve picked up new players along the way to join our family of gamers.

So if you’re looking for a SG/MY Guild Wars 2 guild that has a core team of seasoned players (we don’t dare to call ourselves hardcore players anymore, now that most of us are working/uni/etc) that has been playing together for 8 years and counting, join us! We plan to do a lot of PVE, WvWvW and PvP! We are most active on our facebook group, where it’s updated daily with all kind of gaming related talk.

Posted by: tsubaki | November 5, 2011

Yakisoba @ Battlefield 3

A late update, but currently Yakisoba is playing Battlefield 3!

Our platoon is up, click on the link and request to join. We are still looking for more active players to join us on our nightly affairs on our own dedicated 32 player server, hosted by Hypernia. Our server is managed by myself, Tsubaki (tsubaakiii) and Shader (ShaderX) running the best map rotation of 1 conquest 2 rush and removing the useless laggy Tehran Highway. The server also has Friendly-fire on and Kill-Cam removed. Requirements is that you join mumble while playing with us, as teamwork is so crucial to BF3.

Members will get priority into the server, request on mumble to either myself or Shader to free up a slot for you. As for now the current server version does not support slot reservation, but we believe it will be release in a couple of updates soon. When that happens, members will be added into the VIP list and will be able to join into our server without queuing for a slot.

We play daily, so join us. Also do join us on our facebook group for more active discussions and updates.

Posted by: tsubaki | August 23, 2011

Yakisoba @ Dragon Nest (SEA)

And we’ve moved on to another MMO, this time an action type MMO: Dragon Nest (SEA).

It’s f2p, and it’s a lot of fun because it’s action based, all about moving and positioning and aiming.

We are currently on Springwood, and Yakisoba has already been made. Pm Tsuubaki, Feito or Shader to join in.

Details are on our Facebook group.

Posted by: tsubaki | June 22, 2011

Yakisoba @ Eden Eternal

Woah. The blog’s a bit dusty, but our guild’s still very active. Here’s a quick update on what we are up to:

We are currently playing Eden Eternal, a very beautiful anime-styled MMORPG.

The guild is currently residing on Emerald server, under the same name: Yakisoba. We are currently Lvl 2, hoping to hit Lvl 3 so then we can get a guild town and emblem. Still open to recruit new members, preferably from the GMT+8 timezone.

Guild leader, will not be Tsubaki (Tsuu) but instead Testarossa. Pm Testarossa to join.

Also for all existing members from our past games, if you have not join our Facebook group yet, do send your request and also identify yourself. We are a lot more active there and we post our updates and game related news frequently there compared to our blog.

Posted by: tsubaki | April 18, 2011

Spiral Knights

You won’t believe this, but we picked up a new casual game to help kill time and it’s proving to be rather addictive and fun.

Spiral Knights is a free to play, java-based browser game. Now before you say “meh”, have a look at it. It’s a dungeon crawler that doesn’t have level or classes, instead you punch your way deep into the planet’s core to gather loot or mats and what’s addictive is the crafting aspect of this game where you can make a lot of gear. The graphics are cute and it works well for the game.

The limit to this game is that you only have 100 energy to spend each day. 1 energy takes about 15mins to regain. You roughly get about and hour or two worth of gameplay time, which is pretty good if you want to play a casual game. Everytime you head down to the dungeons you will need to spend “energy”. And there’s where the payment model comes in: You can pay for more “time”. But the game is designed in such a way that you can still buy energy using crowns, the in-game currency.

This allows you to keep farming for crowns to buy more energy and pretty much be self-reliant.

Yakisoba has already established a guild in this game. PM or drop a mail to Tsuu to be added in! You don’t have to be online for us to send you an invite.

Posted by: tsubaki | March 1, 2011

Yakisoba @ RIFT

The new Yakisoba x Singapore Gaming banner

As we have formally merged with Singapore Gaming on RIFT, all interested players who wish to join us or former members from our other games, kindly proceed to and post your application there. Do flag up if you are a former yakisoba member.

We are currently still recruiting, and we do need more Mages and Clerics especially.

Posted by: tsubaki | February 26, 2011

Yakisoba merged with Singapore Gaming Guild

I am pleased an announced that we have merged together with Singapore Gaming to consolidate our local player numbers on Dayblind.

The new system is that we will use SG’s guild infrastructure which Sgboss has very dedicately build up his community over the years, while retaining the Yakisoba guild name. They have a website for interested members:

There’s also a 25m Mumble voice chat for all to use. You will need to download the Mumble client, and frankly I think it’s quite good compared to Vent or TS.

So for all interested players who want to join this really big local community, do register at and make an application.



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